Managed IT Solutions

PC & Workstation Management
Firewall/Network Management
Server Management
  • System Updates, Disc Clean Up, System Defragmentation, Log Review, Anti-Virus & Spy-ware Scan, Email & Message Continuity, Spam Filtering, Backups, Registry Tune Up & Clean Up, Desktop Support, PCI Compliance.
  • Firewall Configurations, System Updates, System Monitoring, Log Review, Firewall Support, Onsite Work, PCI Compliance, VPN, VOIP Telephony (IAX, SIP), V-LANs, Filtering, IPS, RBL, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus.
  • System Updates, Disc Clean Up, System Defragmentation, Log Review, Anti-virus & Spyware Scan, Backups, Hardware Monitoring, 24/7 Monitoring, Server Support, PCI Compliance.
  • Whether you purchase through S.M.P. Techno Services Ltd or through another vendor, you can rely on the certified engineers at S.M.P Techno Services to install all hardware and software, complete the appropriate tests, and run diagnostics to ensure your product is working properly and integrated correctly.
  • The performance of the IT infrastructure — hardware and software — a company is essential for increased productivity and effective operations. For optimal operation of existing equipment, companies need specialised IT support in managing workstations, servers, network equipment.
  • Through continuous monitoring, 24/7, we offer you real-time information about the performance of the systems and the potential risks of interruption of the activity. Also, in case of detection of incidents and intervene to solve them in a timely manner avoiding undesirable situations.

Web Design & Hosting

Custom Templates
Fast Loading Time
Great User Experience
  • Every website we build is 100% unique. This means a distinctive look and feel that’s exclusive to your business and perfectly complements your brand.
  • Our websites run quickly and seamlessly to deliver your message direct to your customers. Slow websites hurt business — which is why we don’t build them.
  • Let’s make it easy for your customers to navigate your website and discover what you offer. So here’s alluring and intuitive design that helps them find all the answers they need.
Easy To Manage
Mobile Friendly Design
Ecommerce Ready
  • Updating your website has never been simpler. Our Content Management System allows you to change any details you like. Now you can keep your website up to speed with minimum hassle.
  • All our websites work seamlessly on any device to show your message to maximum effect. This means your customers can reach you from PC, phone or tablet with no hitches.
  • Run your entire business online using the best available ecommerce tools. Everything is here to put you in the entrepreneurial driving seat. JCC Payment Gateway Integration, PayPal and all major card providers.